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New cd MERCY ME available now. Micheal Paull is a music instructor at Americana Music Academy and performer. Book lessons, composition, theory, studio sessions, or a performance today.

"Welcome to all who enter here-look around and enjoy"

Mercy Me is Here!

The CD project is complete, and you can buy it here.


Hello friends~

Welcome to my website.  It was designed by Peter Lague, whose talents in the area of visual graphics are something truly unique, as you will see for yourself here.  Come browse, and check out my latest news and music videos.  The clip you see on this opening page is a little teaser promo for my album "Mercy Me".  This project was a very ambitious undertaking, both musically, and sonically, and took-literally-years to complete.  I'm happy to say that it was worth every moment spent.  I grew up in an era where albums were the center of the universe in a young man's life, and every new major release by artists like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Paul Simon, Miles Davis & co., and others was greeted as the next "big thing" on the order of the discovery of some new solar system, or the curing of mumps.  This included not only the music within, but all the accompanying album art, as well.  So with this current release, I am aiming to pay some real homage to those times, and to the artists who made my life as a music fan so very rich back then.  In all my efforts, I have not only worked to include some of my very best music from the past 20+ years, but have performed and recorded it with the greatest of care, and with the help of some of the best musicians I could find in the area (and Lawrence, Kansas is absolutely overflowing with great players).  As well, I have included some terrific album art, courtesy of my friend Michael Adams, who himself is not only a brilliant visual artist, but a first-rate songwriter and recording artist in his own right (check him out online, via "Taped-Rugs Productions").  Of course, on this site, you'll find not only samples and videos for songs from my CD, but a few rare non-album tracks, as well (go to the "Multimedia" page and check it out).  Also, feel free to leave comments, questions, and general feedback, if you like.  Cheers, and all my best to everyone!   

"Special dedication to Kimberly Henderson for all her help and support on this project."

                                                                                                                                        - Michael Paull

Upcoming Shows:

My Country band, Sissy & Earl will be performing at Ryan’s Public House in Tonginoxie this Saturday evening. Show starts at 7pm!



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